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(On the set of WTFN’s public affairs show Mind over Media, host Romana Clay sits at a kidney-shaped table around which are large mock-ups of various newspapers and web pages. Over her right shoulder is a wall-mounted TV monitor. The theme music starts up over the opening titles and the director points to Clay, who looks directly into the camera.)

Romana Clay
ROMANA CLAY: “Welcome back to Mind over Media, where we scrutinize the people that make up the news. I’m Romana Clay and back in the studio is Professor Joseph Howe, Director of the Centre for Media Integrity in Victoria, B.C. He has just written his first book, an analysis of the failure of nerve within U.S. and Canadian governments. (turns to Howe and the camera pulls back into a two-shot and showing the cover of the book) Professor Howe, the subject of your book is not exactly new, so what do you mean by your title Profiles in Cowardice?”

Joseph Howe
PROFESSOR JOSEPH HOWE: “You’re right, of course, Romana—cowardice and governance are familiar friends—but in this book I focus on a particular kind of cowardice, the kind exhibited by government leaders who come to power on a tide of political reform only to betray their principles almost as soon as they get into office. In each case the coward and his party are elected to replace a régime that was transparently undemocratic, even fascistic, but end up being co-opted.”

CLAY: “Does that mean you think democratic reform is impossible?”


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