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An Election is not Just a Numbers Game
In his July 20 article “Why Harper’s Tories Remain Best Bet to Win,” Tyee columnist and former Conservative consultant Will McMartin makes the case that Harper and his gang will be returned to power based on a numerical analysis of probable voting patterns and the likely outcome of the 30 new ridings. He presents his findings with the certitude of a true believer spreading revealed truth to a benighted audience:

You’ve seen the polls putting Thomas Mulcair and his New Democrats on top. Surely the ever rising fortunes of the NDP, turbo-boosted by the Alberta breakthrough, spell the end of the nine-year reign of Stephen Harper’s Conservative government. Right? Wrong. In fact, Harper is near-certain to be our next prime minister unless the NDP makes significant further breakthroughs in key parts of Canada. This will be frustrating news to those who are predicting Harper’s defeat. Sorry. I am just the number crunching messenger here.


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