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Even the most ridiculous media shill can become unintentionally useful
Proof that Stephen Harper is not long for this political world comes not just from evidence of criminal and Parliamentary misconduct; it also comes from feeble attempts to defend him. For the most part, true believers, media whores and assorted sheeple have tried to downplay the seriousness of the Senate financial scandal, scoffed that Harper tried to cover it up, and vehemently denied the obvious similarity between Harper and Richard Nixon, who faced impeachment for his role in covering up the Watergate Hotel break-in.

Dismissiveness and denial, however, do not an adequate response make, especially concerning Harper’s lying to Parliament, which is a matter of public record. Not only did Harper lie to the House of Commons that Sen. Mike Duffy met the residency requirement to be a senator from Prince Edward Island (Feb. 17), he lied when he claimed that neither he nor his office had any knowledge that his (now ex) chief-of-staff Nigel Wright gave Duffy a $90,000-odd personal cheque to cover illegitimate expense claims (June 5).


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