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Canada's 2021 election: everyone's a loser

By Greg Felton

Well, that was a waste of time! Prime Minister Justin Trudeau thought he could score a majority government at the expense of a divided “conservative” party and a weak NDP, but ended up with another minority government, albeit marginally stronger, which is more than I expected. At best I figured he would lose a few seats because of voter anger at his hypocrisy on electoral reform and the environment and his forcing an election after only two years. I felt this would be the best scenario because it would give the Liberal Party cause to wake up from its somnambulistic torpor to call a leadership convention.


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UN Report on Israel’s Apartheid
Because of Isramerican intimidation, this report on the repressive nature of Israel’s occupation has been deleted from the UN website. You can beat the censors by downloading a copy here.

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