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Palestinian activism is loud, but is it enough?
On Saturday, July 19, I was among those who went to the Vancouver Art Gallery to protest Israel’s latest atrocity against Palestine. Actually, it’s all one, long, sustained atrocity punctuated by feverish periods of acute sadism.

Among the carnage wrought by the world’s most moral army, four Palestinian boys murdered for sport as they played soccer on a Gaza beach. We know about this crime because NBC reporter Ayman Mohyeldin happened to witness it, took pictures of the dead boys and announced it to the world. For his noble efforts NBC fired him from Gaza and replaced him with a Jew from Tel Aviv. NBC, like all corporate media, are indentured to Israel, so honest reporting like Mohyeldin‘s cannot go unpunished.

The official fiction that the media dutifully regurgitates for public consumption about this or any act of premeditated Israeli violence is that Hamas is to blame and Israel’s “right to defend itself” trumps everything. Palestine is never afforded the same right. Because the media dutifully abets Israeli terrorism, protests like the one at the art gallery can serve as powerful antidotes to official disinformation and warmongering. They can educate, inspire, and possibly even engender popular action.

What a pity the opportunity was wasted.

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