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Since we are about to be inundated with Oscar hype, this is as good a time as any to revisit the connection between the moral perversity of our unipolar Isramerican world order and the role Hollyowod plays in normalizing it. As Israel's chief lackey gears up for yet another assault on a sovereign country, Venezuela, under the false prextext of defending "democracy," the "villains" in the following movies speak our reality.

LANCE BOYLE: (to camera) “Welcome to The Cutting Room. Ordinarily at this time, we feature our picks for the Best Picture Oscar, but this year we’re going to do something different. Instead of looking at the eight nominated films, of which only two or three are legitimate contenders, we’re going to examine the political and social relevance of Hollywood. With me in the studio is Miriam Kale, WTFN’s expert in all things cinematic. (Camera pulls back into a two-shot. Miriam Kale is seated across from Lance Boyle.) Miriam, welcome. How do you see the movie industry developing?”

MIRIAM KALE: “Hello, Lance. Well, we live in an age of increasing paranoia, prejudice, conformity and intimidation, and this is reflected in a widening gap between movies and reality. It used to be that moviegoers could take for granted the unambiguous moral frame of reference presented to them, especially movies about WWII and The Cold War. The West was good, and everyone else was bad. But that’s not possible any more. The big studios are owned by the same five or six conglomerates that control the news media, which are conspicuously pro-Big Business and pro-Israel.”


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