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2015—The Year of the Sheep(le) has arrived
Around this time, we’re supposed to reflect on the people and events of the year that was and express some opinions about the year that is. It’s a highly rational thing to do and generally speaks to a reflexive optimism that comes with a new year. We can thank the Scots for the founding Western myth of linear progress. Unfortunately, we live in irrational times: theory does not fit with practice; fact and illusion are nearly indistinguishable; North American “democracies” have become police states; and the very concept of civilian rights is doubleplusungood.

It’s hard to feel any optimism about end-of-year reflections when the Isramerican military-industrial-corporate-media empire, which controls our reality, is going through its death throes and taking the planet down with it. If the empire ain’t killin’, it’s dyin’! The need to keep the world in a heightened state of panic means that rational decision-making must be sabotaged, which is why the same crises persist or get worse from year to year while omnipresent solutions to them are actively ignored. In other words, human time, the time associated with progress, stands still, and so every December 31 we reflect on a year that is morally, politically and economically worse than the one previous.



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