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Even in our Dark Age, reason and honesty can still be found if you’re willing to look
Despite the wealth of informed, factual, critical analyses over the last 11 years, it is still possible to come across someone who clings like grim death to the official illusions about the attack on the World Trade Centre and Pentagon. I imagine that this peculiar variety of cognitive dissonance is no different from that exhibited by worshippers of any act of sacred violence that spawned a religious or quasi-religious cult, such as holocaustianity, creationism, or free-market economics.

The identification of the ego with the moralized interpretation of that violence, reduces the believer to an idiot, a child who lacks the capacity for rational thought. When cognitive dissonance becomes an epidemic, totalitarianism and ignorance become the norm, and reason becomes a threat. This happened during the Dark Ages under the despotism of the Imperial Christian Church, and is the case today under the Imperial Jewish Church (Zionism).

I'll be speaking in Seattle on Sept. 20
with Gilad Atzmon and Henry Hershovitz
at the Stop Israel–America Unholy Alliance Forum.
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