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Christmas—The Blackest Time of Year
“If the U.S. sneezes, Canada catches a cold,” such is the dominant and domineering influence of the virus factory to the south. Once upon a time (for it seems so long ago) Canadian governments believed it wise to immunize this country from anti-democratic pathogens like military aggression, economic determinism and anti-statist extremism. Today, these are not only officially embraced, but are presented to the public a national ethos. The very idea of Canada as an independent, moderate democratic state is unthinkable, if not unutterable.

As Canada’s political immune system becomes even more ravaged, the effect of these pathogens is now more acutely felt at this time of year. Christmas is already problematic for a host of reasons—spurious religiosity, artificial bonhomie and lemming-like consumption—but since 2008, we have had to deal with an additional disease, Black Friday, as if our addiction to debt and frivolous spending needed a boost.


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