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The Cutting Room

Lance BoyleLANCE BOYLE: “Good evening and welcome back to The Cutting Room, the show that shines the spotlight on movies and the people responsible for them. Odds are if you go see a new release today, it will be a sequel, a ‘reboot’, a comic-book adaptation or a version of a popular 20th-century TV show. The proliferation of such movies is a trend that shows no signs of abating. With me in the studio today to discuss the inexorable march of movie recycling is Larry Levy, CEO of Redundancy Entertainment.” (Lance Boyle turns from facing the camera to Larry Levy. They are both sitting in high-backed upholstered chairs across a black coffee table. “Welcome back to the show, Larry.”

LARRY LEVY: “Thank you, Lance, and thank you for that succinct analysis of modern movie making. Indeed, the age of paying for expensive, wordy scripts is going the way of the rotoscope and hand-cranked cameras. Originality is out; familiarity is in. When people go to the movies, they seek escape from the real world, which is becoming more insane by the day. They want to lose themselves in familiar surroundings: a favourite franchise, a favourite superhero or even a favourite TV show from their romanticized, pre-terrorism, pre-fascist past. Who can blame them?READ MORE

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Harper Jr.

This collection of 27 memoranda edited by Robert Steele, featuring my summary of The Host and The Parasite in the epilogue, provides the president with all he needs to call for an investigation into the events of Sept. 11, 2001.

UN Report on Israel’s Apartheid
Because of Isramerican intimidation, this report on the repressive nature of Israel’s occupation has been deleted from the UN website. You can beat the censors by downloading a copy here.

Vancouver Library Presentation