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Art & Culture
Reid between the lines a different artist
Vancouver Courier (October 24, 1999)
In the grand scheme of things, which is more important for understanding a charismatic figure—the person he really was or the image he presented? Put another way, is the man more important than the myth, or the other way around? ... read more

Modern art transcends talent
Vancouver Courier (October 10, 1999)
Rotting rabbits, and a homeless woman living in a box—such is the face of modern art in the late 20th century. Whether these and other such works are intrinsically artistic is not important, since our political culture treats aesthetic considerations as largely irrelevant when weighed against an artist’s right to unfettered self-expression. ... read more

Welcome to the post democratic age
Vancouver Courier (April 25, 1999)
Futurists and technological determinists boast that we live in a post-modern information age. Try as I might, I can make neither head nor tail of this expression. “Post-modern” is a catch-all bit of pretentious bafflegab that confers credibility or virtue on any aspect of culture or art that would otherwise be dismissed or ridiculed by anyone with a modicum of esthetic sensibility. more