Canada’s Adbusters magazine and the Israel Lobby

The Canadian Charger,(go to original)
November 17, 2010

In view of recent events, last week’s Remembrance Day commemorations ought to have been cancelled out of respect for the thousands of Canadian soldiers, airmen and sailors who gave their lives fighting fascism. It’s a cruel irony that we should be honouring Canadians who liberated Europe 60-65 years ago when Canadians at home are losing theirs today.

The latest target of the Canadian Jewish Congress is Adbusters magazine, a counter-culture alternative to the pro-business, pro-Israel mainstream media. Publisher Kalle Lasn ran an article and a single pair of photos comparing the Nazi persecution of Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto to the Zionist persecution of native Palestinian Arabs in Gaza. The parallel is not perfect, but it’s very close, and politically relevant.

In response, the CJC mobilized against Shoppers Drug Mart to have it pull Adbusters from its 515 stores nationwide. A spokeswoman for Shoppers denied any connection, but such a pro forma denial cannot be taken seriously, especially when it is demonstrably false:

“Two weeks ago Shoppers told us they were pulling Adbusters off their shelves because of customer complaints about our Gaza/Warsaw comparison,” wrote Kalle Lasn in the comments to the article. “But after stories appeared about this in the National Post and Globe & Mail it seems they have had a change of heart. We should all be calling out Shoppers’ CEO Jürgen Schreiber, not just for pulling Adbusters, but for then blatantly lying about why he did it…”

Nobody expected the CJC to like the article. Nobody should care because a constitutionally guaranteed right to free expression does not depend on the political machinations of a pressure group. Sounds highly undemocratic. Sounds, well, fascist, doesn’t it?

If Adbusters can be persecuted and smeared for dissenting from official Zionist dogma, what does that say about the state of Canada?

The CJC, like all zionist organizations, needs to sabotage any and all rational, open discussion of Israel, and to do that it must undermine the rule of law and constitutional freedoms. Yet, as is often the case, the CJC has done more to enhance Adbusters reputation than harm it.

Speaking of reputations, Canadian organizers of the Boycott Divest Sanction movement are now considering adding Shoppers Drug Mart to its list of businesses to be boycotted. That, and being caught lying about its role in the CJC’s censorship, can’t be good for business.

Ironically, the article that caused all the fuss was relatively innocuous, and given Adbusters relatively small circulation and readership demographic, it’s doubtful that anyone in the general public would have paid much attention.

To give an idea how inane the attack on Adbusters is, Dr. Norman Finkelstein has for the last 23 months featured on his website 84 pairs of photos that depict the horrific parallel between Nazi and zionist fascism. Thanks to the CJC, The Canadian Charger has the perfect reason to share it with its readers.

The Adbusters episode should be kept alive as long as possible to make the Israeli lobby as uncomfortable as possible and to remind us to ask ourselves: “Why do companies and governments so readily capitulate to the Israel lobby’s dictates?”

In Ottawa recently, pressure from B’nai Brith compelled the RCMP, our national police force to reconsider its decision to join the Canadian Islamic Congress at an Ottawa conference. Zionists routinely defame the CIC as extremist, but that doesn’t mean the RCMP should take its orders from them.

A bully only has as much power as his victim is willing to give him. When a victim stands and fights, the bully will often back down because all bullies are cowards.

You, reader, can help stop the zionist bullying of Canada by subscribing to Adbusters and writing to Jürgen Schreiber [requires javascript] and the Canadian Jewish Congress [requires javascript] to remind them that censorship belongs to a fascist state, not Canada.