Israel rewrites history with impunity, but Iran is vilified for discussing it
Canadian Arab News
January 18, 2007

After the end of the 1967 War, UN Security Council Resolution 242 mandated that Israel withdraw its military forces behind the 1949 Green Line that demarcated Occupied Palestine (Israel) from Palestinian Territory. It was not a formal border, but rather an armistice line.

Despite the unequivocal voice of the international commuunity in this matter, Israel has maintained its illegal occupation. To make matters worse, all subsequent attempts to negotiate a peace with Palestine, once Israel was forced to recognize the refugees in its midst, has been predicated on using the Green Line as a basis for a permanent settlement.

Of course, Israel has never negotiated in good faith, because it has no other objective but to annex Palestinian land piece by piece and make life as miserable an inhumane as possible for the Arabs. Only capitulationists, deluded pacifists and Arab quislings like Mahmoud Abbas still buy into the notion that a compromise is possible.

The erection of the Apartheid Wall that swallowed up whole swaths of the West Bank should have been enough to convince the world of Israel’s true nature. Yet, the Green Line and the delusion of a two-state solution that it nurtured persisted, until now.

The Knesset Education Committee has decided by a majority vote that the Green Line no longer exists. Just like that, the Zionist Occupation Government is making an arbitrary decision to erase an armistice line from history, much as it has been erasing Palestine since 1947.

The Green Line was an uncomfortable proof of Palestine’s existence, since if nothing else it demarcated Israel from non-Israeli territory. Now, Israel is rewriting history again in the spirit of David ben Gurion who said of the Arabs in 1948: “The old will die and the young will forget.”

The cult of the virtuous democratic oasis in the Middle East can persist only if it keeps buried the history of the Palestinians, the history of UN resolutions condemning Israeli atrocities, and even the words of zionists themselves, who have a habit of speaking a little too honestly about the Nazi-inspired genocide perpetrated in the name of the “Jewish State.”

Despite the erasure of the Green Line, Israel’s history is getting a lot more attention, much to the consternation of The Lobby. President Jimmy Carter’s book Palestine—Peace not Apartheid has placed the issue of Israel’s faux-democracy and mistreatment of Arabs prominently in the public domain. What used to be unspeakable is now openly debated. Even the well-orchestrated smear campaign by intellectual knee-cappers like Alan Dershowitz cannot dent the enlightening effect of the book. The same is true of the seminal article “The Israel Lobby” by John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt, which openly attacked the pernicious influence of The Lobby on U.S. foreign policy.

If there is one aspect of history that Israel must keep covered up at all costs it is the Nazi holocaust and the opportunistic way zionists blackmailed the world into sanctioning the creation of Israel. Consequently, The Lobby and Israel outdid themselves in fraud, disinformation, and hatemongering to denounce the Conference on the Nazi holocaust held recently in Tehran.

LEFT: When zionists demand that Palestinians recognize Israel’s right to exist, they never stipulate which “Israel.” Israel has never defined its border with Palestine, because it does not acknowledge the right of Palestine to exist, and this explains why Palestinians have no hope of achieving justice. All attempts at “negotiating” a settlement since the end of the 1967 War have been predicated on Israel retreating behind the armistice line (The Green Line) but now Israeli schoolbooks may erase it, just as Israel is actively erasing Palestinians from history. To all this, the world has done nothing.
RIGHT: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad hosted a conference to investigate zionist claims about the Nazi holocaust. He and everyone who attended it were slandered and libeled as “Holocaust Deniers,” because a scholarly historical attempt to understand what happened highlights Israel’s criminality and illegitimacy.

Leaving aside the specifics of what did or did not happen, or how many Jews were killed and by what means, the overreaction to scholarly historical investigation said more about the tenuous credibility of the zionist version of reality than anything the conference participants could have said.

So far as the Lobby and Israel are concerned, the holocaust is to be accepted, not questioned; believed, not understood. No doubt is permitted. Investigation is tantamount to “Holocaust Denial.” Elie Wiesel, one of the holocaust industry’s most well-known apologists absurdly declared once that the holocaust stood outside of history. By saying this, he placed the holocaust in the realm of religious myth, alongside the Resurrection of Jesus, and the story of Adam and Eve. In short, he said the holocaust did not happen, because if it did, then it exists within history and is researchable.

But to research the holocaust in exhaustive detail would lead to the revelation of exaggerated death figures, and zionist collusion with the Nazis. Something is terribly amiss here: Israel dogmatically maintains the holocaust to be a fact, yet it denies the right of people to investigate it. Michael Rivero of summarizes the dilemma:

“What begs examination is whether the inmates at those camps died of the typhus epidemics that swept across Germany towards the end of the war, or whether there was a deliberate program of extermination.

“The modern nation of Israel owes its very existence to the latter version of the story. Here you had the entire world sacrificing much blood and treasure on the principle that one nation did not have the right to simply grab the land belonging to another people, and you had the founders of Israel seeking the world’s permission to do exactly that in Palestine. Without a propaganda device to persuade the world that Israel be allowed to do to Palestine what Germany could not be allowed to do to France, Israel would not exist.”

The need to repress this history has led to ever more spectacular displays of insanity and desperation. Irwin Cotler, Canada’s former Minister of Justice and Israel’s chief voice in Cabinet, wrote a frothing tirade in Ha’aretz demanding that Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad be charged with inciting genocide. In fact, Cotler conspicuously repeats “incite or “incitement” 10 times, a fact that demonstrates he is more interested in regurgitating buzzwords than in writing informed commentary.

Here again, we have a strange disjuncture between word and deed. Israel commits mass murder with impunity against Palestine and Lebanon. and Cotler does not consider Israel’s actions to be genocidal. Ahmadinejad suggests that “the Zionist regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time”—he never said it should be wiped of the map—and Cotler can barely contain himself.

Even if Ahmadinejad had said those words, so what? Words don’t commit genocide—zionists who use bulldozers, bullets and cluster bombs commit genocide.

Cotler, Wiesel and Dershowitz, have even banded together to advocate that Iran be expelled from the UN, a delicious spectacle of hypocrisy, since Israel is the only entity that it is violation of its terms of admittance. The object of the three stooges’ paranoia though, is not Iran or even Ahmadinejad, but history. Like the ugly, grotesque visage in the picture of Dorian Grey, the Nazi holocaust must be locked away out of public view, lest anyone get too close a look.

Former Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev famously remarked that historians were dangerous people because they upset everything. For Israel, everyone who thinks for himself is a dangerous person, be he Arab or Jew.

In a scene that would not have been out of place in Nazi Germany a Jewish family was evicted from a Brooklyn hotel because of who they were.

Austrian Rabbi Moshe Aryeh Friedman, who belongs to the ultra-Orthodox Neturei Karta and who attended the conference in Tehran, was forced out by zionist Jews, simply because they didn’t want him in the building. “Anti-Semitism,” anyone?!

“As one who has conducted research on the [holocaust] for years, I regrettably notice how Judaism and fame of our ancestors are abused through distortion of the historical event,” he told the Islamic Republic News Agency. “ We should focus on the reality that the behind-the-curtain individuals and financial providers as well as perpetrators of some of the World War II crimes had been Zionists themselves.”

We should not vilify Iran and the Neturei Karta, but rather honour them for daring to be dangerous people.