2015—The Year of the Sheep(le) has arrived
(January 6, 2015)

Around this time, we’re supposed to reflect on the people and events of the year that was and express some opinions about the year that is. It’s a highly rational thing to do and generally speaks to a reflexive optimism that comes with a new year. We can thank the Scots for the founding Western myth of linear progress. Unfortunately, we live in irrational times: theory does not fit with practice; fact and illusion are nearly indistinguishable; North American “democracies” have become police states; and the very concept of civilian rights is doubleplusungood.

It’s hard to feel any optimism about end-of-year reflections when the Isramerican military-industrial-corporate-media empire, which controls our reality, is going through its death throes and taking the planet down with it. If the empire ain’t killin’, it’s dyin’! The need to keep the world in a heightened state of panic means that rational decision-making must be sabotaged, which is why the same crises persist or get worse from year to year while omnipresent solutions to them are actively ignored. In other words, human time, the time associated with progress, stands still, and so every December 31 we reflect on a year that is morally, politically and economically worse than the one previous.

Yet, nature is not without a sense of irony, for in the Chinese calendar 2015 happens to be the Year of the Sheep, and in politics that means Sheeple. Opposition to militarism, zionism, fascism, banksterism and corporatism—everything the empire stands for—is gathering steam, and the Empire is on the defensive, especially in Canada. Gone are the traditional East-West/English-French political divisions, and words like “fascism” and “totalitarianism” are being uttered by a people notorious for being polite, good humoured and self-effacing.

The positive image of Canada used to be no more susceptible of doubt than the law of relativity or the ineptitude of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Even when governments acted with abject stupidity, as it did in the mid- to late-1980s, belief in the innate goodness and reasonableness of Canada persisted, and it continued to distinguish Canadians internationally from the jingoistic nutters to the south. Since 2006, that moderation and sense of reason have been deliberately destroyed by an imperial satrap posing as a Canadian prime minister. Canadians en masse are finally waking up to the cruel reality they are under attack and the rule of law no longer applies. They have no country.

Armed with an econotheology of greed and a warped Judeo-Christian eschatology, Harper has, among other things, deliberately hobbled Parliament, terrorized citizens and eviscerated laws that protect Canada and Canadians from zionist domination or corporate despoliation. He has been allowed to do so thanks to feeble political opposition, voter stupidity and an antiquated electoral system. Of course, Governor General David Johnston could have dismissed Harper at any time over the past several years, but he is more loyal to Harper than to the Constitution, and our gelded guardians in the House of Commons lack the courage to make an issue of it.

Nevertheless, there is ample reason to expect Harper will suffer long-overdue defeat in this year’s federal election.


More than any other issue, Harper’s shameless pimping for the oil industry will tar him irreparably. Council of Canadians chairwoman Maude Barlow put it best: “Stephen Harper is systematically wiping out decades of environmental protections and laws in order to promote unbridled resource extraction. No other government in the history of Canada has declared war on the environment in this way.” Some of Harper’s acts of war include:

Repealing the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act; removing habitat protection from the Fisheries Act, the Species at Risk Act, and the Navigable Waters Protection Act to make resource exploitation more profitable;

Deliberately destroying seven of the nine Department of Fisheries and Oceans libraries; and

Attacking environmental groups and charities by forcing them to endure constant audits and coercing them into ceasing political activity.

In a perversity that still beggars the imagination, Harper placed habitat protection under the auspices of the National Energy Board, and then used the NEB as a billy club with which to sabotage environmental opposition to the Kinder Morgan pipeline.

The nation watched as the NEB ran roughshod over local laws in Burnaby, British Columbia, to allow U.S. pipeline giant Kinder Morgan to destroy old-growth trees and conduct soil testing.

Such a betrayal of the public trust resulted in a prolonged standoff between hundreds of protesters and Kinder Morgan. Dozens of law-abiding citizens were arrested as the RCMP acted as de facto enforcers for Kinder Morgan, and the courts permitted a violation of Canadian sovereignty to take place.

Not surprisingly, Harper is roundly loathed across the country except, of course, in oil-rich Alberta, the adopted home of Canada’s ruling kleptocracy. I expect images from the Burnaby Mountain protest will be used repeatedly during the campaign by groups like Stop Kinder Morgan on Burnaby Mtn and Canada Waking Up The Masses to remind citizens to do everything they can to re-establish Parliamentary government.

The Opposition

Source: http://www.threehundredeight.com

This result came out before the November-December Kinder Morgan fracas on Burnaby Mtn., so the Harperite numbers should be even further behind the Liberals. Notice, though, the danger that vote-splitting could cause in B.C., where the NDP has a slim lead and vies for the same voters as the Green Party.

Canada’s other national political parties have finally found their footing. Both Liberal leader Justin Trudeau and NDP leader Thomas Mulcair offer viable and improved alternatives to Harper’s deliberate misrule. Such was distinctly not the case under any of the past Liberal leaders—Paul Martin, Stéphane Dion or Michael Ignatieff—all of whom were ineffectual and unpopular, both inside the party and out.

The previous NDP leader, the late Jack Layton, laboured under the delusion he could form a government and did much to enable Harper at the expense of the Liberals. Layton foolishly saw the Liberals not as an ally but as a foe, and his ineptitude scuppered a potential coalition government in the wake of a planned non-confidence vote.

A cursory read of both the palace press and the unofficial (read: accurate) media confirms that the likely outcome of the next election will be a majority Liberal government, or at worst a minority supported by the NDP, which should have learned its lesson.

Though the election augurs well, it could still go all sideways if Mulcair tries to fight a two-front war like his predecessor, and Trudeau doesn’t stop preening for the cameras long enough to realize that he must offer more than boyish charm and photo ops.

National betrayal

This was the scene in the UN General Assembly on Sept. 25, 2014, when the civilized world showed in what contempt it held Canada.
When a Canadian prime minister acts on the world stage, he does so in the name of all Canadians, and Canadians are sick of being made accessories to war crimes and corporate gangsterisim. Whatever goodwill Canada had earned over its life has been squandered in less than a decade by a man who stands for everything this country has fought against.

Canada used to stand for compassion and the rule of law; now we oppose them. Canada used to work to prevent armed conflict; now we actively encourage it. Canadians like to think of themselves as decent people, and like all decent people they dislike having their reputations dragged into the mire along with that of their nation by a tyrant who owes a prior loyalty to foreign governments.

Nowhere is that servitude more obvious than in foreign policy where Canada goes out of its way to sabotage the rule of law. It actively opposed the UN motion for Palestinian statehood and now is agitating to sabotage Palestine’s bid to join the International Criminal Court. Why a democracy should oppose two such reasonable, lawful measures cannot be explained rationally, so we must look for an irrational reason, and we know what that is.

Should there be any doubt about the fascistic nature of Harper’s régime, Canada was one of only three nations (along with the U.S. and Ukraine) to vote against a Russian motion condemning the glorification of nazism. Yes, you read that right. Canada under Harper now officially supports nazism. Harper, in our name, supports the illegitimate, neo-fascist régime in Ukraine and is helping Isramerica provoke war on Russia, so it could not support a Russian motion opposing nazism and remain loyal to the empire. No wonder the world has turned its back on us.

No amount of dirty tricks, character assassination, attack ads and false-flag operations can obscure the effects of his sociopathic régime. Harper has nowhere to hide, and I suspect there will be wholesale resignations as his minions flee the electoral slaughter to come. If the governor general lacks the balls to do his job, the public will have do it for him.

We sheep’ll take you down, Harper!