Open letter to Canada’s Governor General

The Governor General of Canada,
His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston
Rideau Hall
1 Sussex Dr.
Ottawa, ON,
K1A 0A1

Dear Sir:

For some weeks now I have been calling your office to get an answer to a simple question: “Why have you not dismissed Stephen Harper as prime minister under the powers granted to your office by the 1947 Letters Patent of King George VI?”

As you know, these powers, among other things, are to be used to protect the country against those who would abuse their office to the detriment of Canada and her people. For some reason nobody in your office is capable of explaining your conspicuous failure to avail yourself of these powers specified in Paragraph V:

“And We do further authorize and empower Our Governor General, so far as We lawfully may, upon sufficient cause to him appearing, to remove from his office, or to suspend from the exercise of the same, any person exercising any office within Canada, under or by virtue of any Commission or Warrant granted, or which may be granted, by Us in Our name or under Our authority.” (my emphases)

I cannot believe that you are oblivious to the malicious harm Harper is doing to this country, or unaware that Harper is transparently, deliberately, proudly unconstitutional. As one who is charged with superintending this country and the welfare of Canadians, you take, I am sure, the governing aspect of your position seriously, and you have before you copious evidence of Harper’s malfeasance. For example:

  • He committed electoral fraud (robocalls)—unconstitutional;
  • He appointed Pamela Wallin and Mike Duffy to the Senate knowing full well that they failed residency requirements—unconstitutional;
  • He introduced Bill C-7 to reform the Senate unilaterally—ruled unconstitutional;
  • He planned to abolish the Senate—ruled unconstitutional;
  • He planned to alter parole law retroactively—ruled unconstitutional;
  • He planned to impose mandatory minimum sentences—ruled unconstitutional; and
  • He planned to appoint semi-retired Federal Court judge Marc Nadon—ruled unconstitutional.

There is a pattern here, as you can plainly see. This modest sampling does not depict mere errors in judgment or ineptitude; it depicts conscious, willful attacks on the very structure of Canada and the rule of law. To this I can now add the Orwellian-sounding Fair Elections Act, a calculated self-serving assault on the ability of citizens to participate in their own democracy. At what point do you, sir, acknowledge that the man you appointed to be prime minister has betrayed his country and is unworthy to hold office?

Yes, I know the Criminal Code’s antiquated definition of treason applies only in wartime and specifically to the reigning monarch, but in any rational world a head of government that attacks the very institutions and people he is charged with protecting is committing treason. At any rate, you are not bound by the Criminal Code. You have plenipotentiary power to act as you see fit. I urge you not to sit by and with equanimity watch Canadian democracy be eviscerated.

Let us suppose for a moment that a foreign army had invaded Canada, overthrew the elected government and installed a occupation regime that proceeded to repeal civil liberties, suppress workers’ rights, and indenture the country to foreign corporations and governments. How, exactly, would this hypothetical scenario differ from the one we have today?

If the characteristics of this hypothetical occupation regime do not sound familiar, they are taken from Professor Lawrence W. Britt’s 14 defining traits of fascist government. In an earlier piece of writing, I showed that these traits apply directly to Harper. Here’s is a small sample of how they apply to Bill C-38, a distinctly un-Canadian piece of legislative coercion.

• Repealing the Fair Wages and Hours of Labour Act, designed to undercut union wage rates and lessen corporate labour costs (Suppressed Labor Power);
• Repealing the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act; removing habitat protection from the Fisheries Act, the Species at Risk Act, and the Navigable Waters Protection Act to make resource exploitation more profitable (Protected Corporate Power);
• Attacking environmental groups and charities by forcing them to endure constant audits on foreign funding, even though little of their funding is foreign. (Identification of Enemies/Scapegoats as a Unifying Cause)
•Prohibiting scientists from speaking to the media, especially about global warming (Disdain for Intellectuals and the Arts, Controlled Mass Media)
•Serving a foreign power by asserting that a threat to Israel is a threat to Canada. (Supremacy of the Military, Obsession with National Security)

Regarding the last point, what do you make of a prime minister who swears unwavering loyalty to a foreign country (Israel) yet works against the interests of his own? This behaviour is typical of a occupier, a vasssal king, so why have you not acted accordingly?

Because you have so far refused to put an end to the slow, agonizing death that Harper is inflicting on Canada, your responsibility for this is actually greater. Harper may be a sociopathic, corporate/Israeli satrap but he has despoiled Canada only because he has been allowed to. The Rt. Hon Edmund Burke famously said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” You, sir, are a good man and have the power to act, so why should history not condemn you if you permit the destruction of Canada? You need to ask yourself: “Do I serve the Constitution or do I serve Stephen Harper? Am I Canada’s head of state, or am I merely a figurehead content to be a passive observer of the destruction of Canada? The parallel between German fascism and Canadian fascism is not gratuitous or polemical, sir. It is apt. It is real.

Canada’s democracy is dead ot at best comatose, and I am not the only one who thinks so. Lest you think this missive be simply a reflection of my own opinions, I invite you to sample the following posts from people across Canada who have signed my on-line petition demanding that you fire Harper. The excuse that such a thing has never been done before or that it is somehow undemocratic is unacceptable. Never before has Canada had such a criminal government especially one that committed fraud to get elected. An extreme crisis demands an extreme remedy, and the only one who can adminsiter it is you. It is a constitutional, democratic necessity.

There is still time to save Canada and your reputation, sir, and to show the world that Canada still breathes under Harper’s suffocating corruption. The people have a right to defend their country, do they not? They look to you to save them from fascism.


Yours sincerely,

Greg Felton

David Johnston—The People Have Spoken
I insist that the Governor General of Canada remove Stephen Harper from his position, which [he is] legally empowered to do. It is [his] responsibility to uphold the liberties of all Canadians and that freedom is being systematically undermined by Steven Harper and his 'government….
Mrs. Tamara Gagnon, ON, #1,796

Stephen Harper and the Conservatives…are systematically dismantling Canada. There will be nothing left of this country by the next election, and our environment along with the health and welfare of 99% of the people will have been severely compromised. The Harper Conservatives must be made to step down for the contempt they have shown for Canadians and this land.
Ms. Alix Reynolds, MB, #1,363

Head of state or Quisling?

[Stephen Harper] is destroying Canada and all that she stands for. Instead of honouring the needs and wishes of all Canadians, he is selling out Canada to evil oil corporations and foreign governments. By his actions, he stands condemned by all loyal Canadians as unfit to remain in his position position of Prime Minister. My heart is heavier than mercury at his obvious intent to destroy all that is good in this world. So please, please remove this menace, and let us have our country back to be guided and nurtured fairly by sane, caring human beings. I am absolutely certain that I speak for all Canadians who have an intelligent understanding of the horrors that this individual has brought upon our beautiful country, Canada.
Mr. John Bell, NS. #1,178

Violation of the Constitution, obstruction of justice, electoral fraud, flouting of international law, destruction of national scientific libraries, suppression of scientists, and betrayal of the best interests of the nation...if these aren’t grounds for impeachment, nothing is.
Mr. Jackson Starky, BC, #1,373

Please Governor General Johnston, you have the power to end this Parliament. It is a National embarrassment to the people of Canada. End it now.
Mr. James Prendergast, ON, #1,169

I don't recognize the country I used to love anymore. Our government used to care about the elderly, the veterans, and the less fortunate. The current government cares about nothing except [its] own… finances and oil. That's it! We need more!
Ms. Carole Durocher, QC, #1,753

My family has been in Canada for 390 years. We have homesteaded both side of the country, fought and died for it. Harper is a disgrace to everything meaningful. He and his ilk must go NOW before the damage done is irreversible. For once in my life I hesitate before identifying myself as a Canadian.
Mr. Charles Graham, BC, #353

Under Harper's direction the Conservative Party committed electoral fraud, then obstructed the investigation into electoral fraud, and then attempted to create legislation allowing them to have more control over investigations on electoral fraud.… They more than justify Stephen Harper's dismissal.
Mr. Terry Bean, AB, #1,825

I demand that you, Governor General Johnston, remove Stephen Harper from office… For the good of all Canadians, he must go!
Dr. MK Trahms, NB, #270

This government is illegitimate and as such should be removed from power. When the police catch a thief in a warehouse attempting to steal something they charge him with robbery, but a government [that] steals an election can just keep on governing? It is not right.
Ms. Sherry Obrien, ON #1,272 

At what point does the GG finally protect the interests of people? At what point does the GG use the powers at his or her discretion and enforce the laws that have been set since the beginning of the formation of Canada? Or should the GG be held just as responsible by law.....for aiding in the illegal activity?
Ms. Sharon Baldock, MB, #934

For the crime of treason against the Canadian people, I ask you to fire this inhuman monster.
Mr. Raymond Rogers, NB, #1,121
This is a difficult petition to sign. It brings to mind the incredible courage and knowledge needed in order to speak up or take action for truthful democracy in Canada. Ms. J Kemp, BC, #1,871 Stephen Harper is my MP. Please remove him from office as his actions do not represent those of the best interests of Canada.
Mr. Pat Westmacott, AB, #325

David, for decades people will be asking other Canadians, “What did you do to stop Stephen Harper?” You as GG actually have the authority to dismiss this dangerous man. What do you want your legacy to be? Pimp for multinational corporations, or someone who stood up for the environment and decency? “I didn't have a choice” isn’t a valid excuse for you.
Mr. Bruce Batchelor, BC, #1,611

I worry that by the time of the next election, the government will have done so much damage it will be irreparable.
Mr. Brian Skerrett, ON, #773

For every signature, there are untold numbers who are too discouraged to sign because they feel utterly powerless, although they agree that, in every sense, Canada is being destroyed.
Ms. Aideen McKenna, BC, #1,675

Whether this will have any impact, I don't know. I do know I wish for it more than anything I've wished for before, and I am 69 years old. Harper is a lying criminal.
Ms. Kasandra Maidmentt, BC, #1,306

The price of apathy towards government is to be ruled by evil men.—Plato. It is time to protect science, the environment, justice, and democracy by casting our false PM out of office once and for all. It is time for us to tell the Governer General that we wish to live in an enlightened, rational, and honourable democratic society, and we are tired of Harper turning Canada into a primitive, intellectually deficient tyranny.
Mr. Justin Singer, ON, #1,714

This Government is destroying the very fabric of Canadian Society. They are a corrupt Dictatorship and need to be gone before we don't recognize our country!
Ms. Yvonne McNamara, NS. #1,197

Ms. Alma Miller, ON, #1,898

Ms. Shania Anishinabie, ON, #231

Almost everything Harper does is either criminal or against the best interest of Canadians.
Mr. Kevin Bauer, QC, #1,866

The Harper Government is ruining everything it means to be Canadian. He has clawed back funding for heritage, veterans, the environment, services for the poor, and more, all while supporting blanket industrial and trade agreements sneaked in through omnibus bills without allowance for proper debate in the House. … Transparency, health, and social services for all is what Canada is built on and known for. Please don't allow Stephen Harper to trash our wonderful country for another month, let alone year.
Mrs. Aurora Feletti, NS, #1,574

The Stephen Harper led Conservative party is a fascist style of government that is intent on destroying democracy in Canada. World war 2 vets didn't fight the Nazis in Europe so that Harper could institute the same kind of government here. Please remove the Conservatives from power now, so that my grandchildren can grow up and live in freedom as all previous generations of Canadians have.
Mr. Leigh Sanderson, ON, #1,482

He has turned Canada into a fascist police state, undermined our personal rights and freedoms, destroyed our good international reputation, and was elected in a fraudulent election that should have been overturned!
Ms. Janis Waite, BC, #308

The rule of law is not being respected by Mr. Harper and his government. I am appalled at the damage they have done to this country. I call on you to exercise your legal, constitutional power to bring an end to the disgrace and damage being perpetrated by Mr. Harper and his government.
Mr. Joseph Witalis, QC, # 1,629